Today’s smartest companies know what a difference the right talent can make for success. Finding qualified candidates to fill your open positions is very challenging in the current employment environment. Qualified candidates already have many opportunities to work and excel in their career field… if they are even willing to leave their current comfortable career track at all!  They are typically already gainfully employed.

We will help you find quality candidates that fit your hiring needs. We understand when you have an open position the clock is ticking — and the job needs to be filled with the best qualified candidate on the market.

Our experience is deep! We have corporate experience in one of the country’s most renowned hiring experts – Southwest Airlines. Southwest understands the power of great employees and our Leadership Team was a part of this amazing system of not just filling positions, but truly finding and screening the best employees. We learned, first hand, the power of a great employee to make a difference. Through this background and experience, we have helped companies solve their staffing needs.  See our About Us page for more of our background and approach.

We specialize in finding the talent you are seeking. We know your standards are important and we want to keep you and the hiring manager happy! Our process is designed to find the best recruit and get them to you quickly. Not only is timing important for your business, but the environment is very competitive — so we need to find that great recruit quickly and ensure you have the best chance at making the hire!

Our network is vast. We have contacts and clients in all sectors including technology, legal, finance, aviation, sales and marketing, human resources, and executive-level candidates throughout the United States and abroad. We also have candidates who are willing to work abroad. No job is impossible for us to fill!

Our process is easy and effective:

  1. We gather your requirements and “wish list” for the position.
  2. We begin an exhaustive search to find highly qualified candidates.
  3. We screen those candidates to ensure a good fit to your company and that they meet the requirements. You are busy and we know it! We do not want to waste your time with those candidates who are not an obvious match.
  4. Those qualified candidates we identify as potential matches for your open positions are submitted to you for your review.
  5. Once you select which candidates are interesting to you, we will facilitate the next step… a phone screen, an in-person interview, or whatever you prefer!

We partner with you and help you find the next great team member for your company. Please contact us today to learn more about our services and to begin the process of building out your team!