About Us

Corporate Takeoff, a division of Corporate & Career Takeoff Inc., is led by Rebekah Krone, our President. Rebekah has over 21 years in HR, recruiting, and training experience. Prior to founding Corporate Takeoff she was the Senior Team Lead of the recruiting team at Southwest Airlines. She saw first-hand the power and impact of the right hire. She also understands it is far better to be selective in your search — if you want your company to be world class. She brings all of these principles into Corporate Takeoff’s approach to recruiting. We want you to win and we will do our best to make sure you have the best qualified candidate you can find!

Our team of recruiters follows the structure and process Rebekah has created. This amazing team of talented recruiters have high standards and finds you the best qualified candidate for your job opportunity. Our proprietary process ensures a quick and productive search for the appropriate fit for your needs. Speed matters. Quality is key. Having quality options at high speed is often hard. Corporate Takeoff’s process is built to give you both speed AND quality!